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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the end

What does the end look like?

Like me, lying in the Catalonian sun beside you, eating jamón sandwiches and painting up the world with colors and words, turning pigeons into birds of paradise and trash collectors into princes--apples were always golden when you were near.

What does the end look like?

Saying goodbye to you as if we'll see eachother again. We'll write, I promise--letters that transcend space and time, this is just "so long", until the crazy world out there throws us back together again.

What does the end look like?

Me sitting at the banks of a river in Strasbourg with all my bags, watching the empty streets and the sun rising over still waters. Nowhere to be, no one waiting for me, cool asa cucumber, I could fall asleep here without a care in the world.

What does the end look like?

Taking a bite of the last kebab of my journey to satiate the kebab fever I've acquired--good God America, why haven't you caught on? I want kebab everywhere at every hour.
Enjoying this holy kebab watching the sunset through the windows of Heathrow Airport and saying so long journey, I'll be back soon.

And now, here I am.


("goodnight moon, goodnight Strasbourg")

Roll credits. Play exit soundtrack: "More News From Nowhere", Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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