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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anywhere I lay my head

(7/2) Last night we decided to sleep in the Pisa airport to save money. We thought we’d hit the jackpot because we found a room that was completely empty with giant comfy massage chairs, but of course it was too good to be true. We were kicked out when the airport closed at midnight by a very sweet Italian who didn't speak a lick of English. So we moved to the lawn and tried sleeping on stone hippos, where there were other sleepy travelers, and we were very comfy on our stone hippos until the sprinklers went off and soaked us. So we moved again to the terrace of a café, bundled in a sleeping bag and jackets (we weren’t in Spain anymore, it was cold at night!) We rolled a cigarette to keep the hunger at bay since we didn’t have any food, and it was the best cigarette I’ve ever smoked in my life good God it was amazing. So we, along with others, were curled up in these bamboo chairs, until the airport reopened at four in the morning, moved back into the warmth, and slept some more. When we woke up, we rubbed our eyes and realized we were in Italy.

Accompanying music: Anywhere I lay My Head, Tom Waits

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